Tonkeeper Messages

Push Notifications for Decentralized Apps


Tonkeeper Messages is a powerful tool for communicating with the users who already connected their wallets to your app using TonConnect. It’s easy-to-use and flexible: you can significantly increase the user retention and conversion rate for your decentralized applications. Tonkeeper Messages is designed like a convenient and trusted way to message the highly motivated audience of Tonkeeper.

It’s best for:

  • Marketing campaigns.
  • Announcements.
  • Event reminders.
  • App and account updates.

Connect Your Dapp

To connect a decentralized app to your project, you need to register and verify it. One project can have only one connected app to prevent scam. You will need to create a new project to connect another app.


  1. Go to Tonkeeper Messages (opens in a new tab).
  2. Enter a TonConnect manifest URL or an app URL to register your app. About TonConnect (opens in a new tab). About TonConnect Manifest (opens in a new tab).
  3. Click Register.
  4. Create a tc-verify.json file.
  5. Copy the payload key and paste it into the tc-verify.json file.
  6. Make the tc-verify.json file available at the link specified under the payload key in Tonkeeper Messages.
  7. Click Verify.

Push Notifications

To start messaging users, you need to refill the number of messages available to you. The Tonkeeper Messages tab displays the number of available messages on the right side of the screen. Click Refill if you need more of them. If your TonConsole balance is low, you will be asked to refill it.

Pass the token into the header every time you send a request to message users. The token is secret, don’t reveal it to any third party. If your token was compromised, generate a new one.


-H ' Authorization: Bearer **YOUR TOKEN**'

You can message all the users, who connected to your app, or one certain wallet if you know the address:

  • To send a message to one wallet, pass the "address": "UQ...ER” into the request body. “...” is a wallet address.
  • To send a message to all the users, skip the “address” field.
  "message": "hello",
  "address": "UQ...ER",
  "link": ""

One message can have only 255 characters.