Guide for Using SDK with TonAPI

TonAPI is designed using Swagger, thus enabling the generation of SDKs in any language. The associated Swagger file can be obtained using the following link: (opens in a new tab)

The command to generate the SDK is provided below. The sample command is for Python, but it can easily be adapted for usage with other languages:

java -jar swagger-codegen-cli.jar generate -i -l python -o /path/to/output

Note: Remember to replace '/path/to/output' with the actual path where you wish to generate the SDK.

You also would need an Java virtual machine installed on your system to run the above command.

We also provide already build and prepared Packages for your convinience, plus our SDKs are also provide functions for streaming SDKs, which you would not get from swaagger file.

Golang SDK (opens in a new tab)

go get

Typescript/Javascript SDK (opens in a new tab)

npm install tonapi-sdk-js
# or
yarn add tonapi-sdk-js

Third party SDKs

Python (opens in a new tab)

pip install pytonapi